An enhanced retail experience driven by innovation and cutting edge technology

Regency Group invests heavily in Research and Development. Powerful analytics coupled with state-of-the-art, in-house solutions not only help us offer our customers an efficient technology - driven retail experience, but also a highly productive business methodology to our suppliers and partners.

The Grand Group represents the future of smart retailing

We employ over 100 IT professionals across the GCC who ensure uninterrupted realization of our technology objectives. We've built a dedicated team of 15 software programmers that helps us develop customised solutions.

Our IT infrastructure is among the best in the industry. It ensures seamlessness and convergence that facilitates procurement, placement and promotion of merchandise. Our advanced next- generation retail ERP services create a platform to support capabilities such as inventory management, pricing, warehouse management and back-office functions including finance and HR.

Inventory Management

With more than 8,7000 SKUs, managing the inventory in the retail environment is a real challenge. With our indigenously developed systems and processes we make sure we're always one-step ahead. Tracking products, quality checks, expiration, disposal and replenishing stock; is all managed with the least interruption.

Warehouse Management

We have our specialized central warehousing and logistic system in each region. Dubai being the supply chain centre for the GCC region, houses various large warehouses integrated with state-of -the-art logistics support and ERP Solution. The Central Purchasing mechanism in the warehouse helps us gain a market advantage in prices through bulk purchases. We own a fleet of over 110 vehicles including Heavy Duty Trucks and Pickups to transport goods to and from the outlets. We currently have 19 warehouses with a gross area of 361,563 square feet of storage space.

Pricing Management

Our Price Management systems help us experiment with a wide range of pricing schemes to determine their impact on shopper satisfaction.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence centralizes information from across the enterprises and enables us to analyze and report it in ways that reveal fresh insights and supports faster and more effective decision making.

Customer insight

This solution gives us unprecedented control of our retail data, improved operations management, and a substantial advantage over our toughest competition.

E-commerce marketing

Regency group is taking significant strides towards e-commerce in our retail units. It occupies an important place in our future plans for the group.

Tracing our journey over the years

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